Solutions by Sector

Real Estate Solutions

Real-estate development is being driven by market trends, Egyptian Market Vast Segments demanding more personalized services, building owners looking to unlock new revenues and government agencies further regulating efficient utility usage.

TechnoHat helps the developers and building owners to fulfill this demand by offering a turnkey solution which blend infrastructure, data, voice and video with building management systems to create a building that is simultaneously safer and more productive for its occupants and more operationally efficient for its owners.

Fiber Optics Infrastructure

Required to enable Residents and Businesses to enjoy the full experience of Secure, Digital living, and Seamless Business operations offered at competitive prices, utilizing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and other leading-edge technologies and services.

Triple Play Solution

Turnkey Triple Play and Security Solutions to residential and commercial customers with services like:

Security Solutions

Digital Telephony

Multi-Channel Digital TV

High-Speed Broadband

With a range of Value Add Services provided through our Content Portal. Some of these services include:


Automated Backups

Video Conferencing

On-line Gaming

Security and Surveillance Systems

Broadband Infrastructure with a range of Value Add Services provided through our Content Portal. Some of these services include:

Visitor Announcement

Cell Panic

Home Alarm Monitoring

Document Management

Automated Backups

Digital Home Security

Business and Commercial Building Management

TechnoHat combines Set of skills and expertise by making fast, secure, and reliable connectivity more flexible and portable, our commercial build management systems is enabling:

Easy-to-Deploy Vending machines, sales kiosks, digital signs and secure banking transactions can now be brought online in virtually any location in minutes—without having to provision expensive or impractical wired data connections.

Secure payment processing: From anywhere inside a restaurant or retail store, point-of-sale (POS) terminals use the building network infrastructure to conveniently process credit card and debit transactions around the globe, without customers ever having to leave their seat.

Temporary connectivity: Launching short-term business operations at an outdoor venue or tradeshow is now as simple as switching on a gateway.

Reliable business continuity: For every minute that POS systems are down, retailers lose thousands in revenues. TechnoHat’s solutions can make sure the business stays online even if the primary data connection goes down.

Faster retail expansion: Rapidly-growing businesses need to expand quickly to capitalize on new opportunities. But negotiating new landlines and waiting for them to be installed can take weeks. TechnoHat can get new retail locations up and running in minutes. They can support full business operations and provide critical failover connections.

It possible to extend enabled Network capability practically anywhere. And new cloud management services make it easy to monitor, manage, and secure even the largest retail deployments from a central location.

TechnoHat is working with building owners, retailers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide to capitalize on the IoT for secure, highly reliable POS and retail applications. We provide the complete device-to-cloud solution, from rugged and reliable gateways, to intelligent embedded modules, to comprehensive cloud and managed connectivity services. And we have the expertise to compress development schedules and help you deploy solutions faster and at a lower cost.

Industrial Sector

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems ( CMMS )

Computerized Maintenance Management System, is software designed to simplify maintenance management, All your maintenance data will be stored making it much easier to keep track of maintenance operations, CMMS solutions empower organizations by streamlining work order management, optimizing preventive maintenance tasks, generating valuable reports, and much more.

Our CMMS has the following Set of features:

Mobile CMMS Available

Preventive Maintenance

Asset Management

Generate Work Orders

Predictive Maintenance

Purchase Orders

Batch Reports

Add Inspection Points


3rd Party Notifications

Meter PM Triggering

Fixed or Floating PM Triggers

Auto Email Notifications

Auto Schedule Work Orders

Employee Timecard Tracking

Equipment Warranty Tracking

Safety Procedure

Attach Documents

Suppliers & Vendors

Custom Branding

User Definable Dropdowns

Fleet Management

Contract Management

Advanced Report Filtering

Submit Online Requests***

Healthcare Functionality

Manage Parts


Priority Support Included

Training Options

Account Management