TechnoHat technologies and services protect organizations from increasingly complex, rapidly-changing attacks that exploit even the slightest vulnerability.

  • Pro Active Security Solutions
  • Complete security life-cycle
  • Deep expertise for customized solutions
  • Vulnerability & Risk Management
  • Secure Wireless
  • Secure Data Storage

Pro Active Security Solutions

With experienced engineering staff and advanced specialization in Next-Generation security combined with top tier security vendor partnerships, proactive approach ensures that your organization receives the best the industry has to offer for all your IT networking and security requirements.

TechnoHat Proactive Solution offer network monitoring, management and maintenance ensure productivity and business continuity. Focusing on security, bandwidth, wireless, network segmentation, network isolation and a host of other unique and crucial concerns, Our solution is an affordable way to optimize your network to reduce risk and overheads, while increasing efficiency and scalability.

Complete security life-cycle: design to management

As a full-service technology solution integrator, TechnoHat delivers protection in non-traditional areas to support your security goals from beginning to end. TechnoHat offers security solutions for every part of an organization’s IT environment - hardware, software, networks, and data. Analyzing a business’s environment and needs, TechnoHat’s experts recommend the best solution, design and implement, and then provide remote and on-site managed services that monitor, maintain and support these services around the clock.

Deep expertise for customized solutions

TechnoHat’s highly certified professionals are experts in all areas of architecture, implementation, integration, management and maintenance, and the challenges created by today's expanded access points. TechnoHat Professional Staff has deep understanding of how components work, how they inter-relate and work together to maximize security and compliance.

We understand that what may work for one organization may not work for another. Based on specific architecture and business needs, TechnoHat can tailor a customized security solution made up of the best-in-class technology, products and managed services that directly address your security and compliances requirements.

Vulnerability & Risk Management

Protect your internal network against constantly-evolving threats identified each month that can easily bypass firewalls and antivirus software. With Our hosted network security solution, provides a critical layer of network defense against viruses, worms, botnets, Trojans and other threats brought in by roaming laptops, VPN connections, wireless access points, partner portals and other sources.

Also eliminates the need to purchase and support extra software or hardware. Compared to on-site IDS/IPS products, Network Vulnerability delivers cost-effective enterprise-level network security.

Our Network Vulnerability solution combines three functional areas into one web-based, automated product for higher-level network security.

  • 1 - Superior intrusion protection through multi-layered architecture - Continuous vulnerability assessment with comprehensive prioritization, resolution workflow management, and on-demand scheduling flexibility for internal and external scanning
  • 2 - Unmatched Network Vulnerability features - We provide built-in vulnerability scanning at no charge, an offering unique to TechnoHat Technologies
  • 3 - Secure Wireless - Get both the flexibility of autonomous access points and the easy management of controller-based architectures - and be able to manage it all from the Cloud. Our easy-to-manage scalable solutions distribute intelligence, maximize performance and redundancy, and yield a high return on investment.